Step Dance Lessons

tap shoesStep dancing also known as Ottawa Valley Step Dancing, Canadian Step Dancing and French Canadian Step Dancing is found mostly in Ontario, Canada.

The origin dates back to the lumberjacks who would finish their work night off with dancing and music. A lot of these immigrants were from Europe and brought the traditional dance styles with them. Today the styles are mixed with French-Canadian and tap dancing to create a unique style of dance known as Ottawa Valley Step Dance.

It is an aggressive and entertaining dance style where your feet lift off the floor and your arms are not restricted to only being at your side. The sounds are made with the taps on the soles of the shoes keeping time to the music.

Most common steps are danced to a clog, jig, or reel. But you can step dance to any music of your choosing.

Step dance shoes are the same shoe as a tap shoe. Many styles to choose from including Capezio and Bloch. These shoes can be purchased from Malabar (located in Toronto or Ottawa).

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